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GTC-1 with software update

The user interface of the successful model GTC-1 has been redeveloped.

At the same time the operation was simplified once more and important parameters were password protected. The feedback from our customers was considered and realized.

gtc 1 1

gtc 1 2

Any user of the GTC-1 can order the update for free. A detailed installation manual is included.


There is no translation available.

Das Nachfolgegerät vom RVN ist ab sofort lieferbar. Mit der USB Schnittstelle und der kompakten Konfigurations- und Online Software ist das Gerät an jedem Windows PC anschliessbar.

Die Funktionserweiterung nach DIN EN ISO 2535 und die klassische Messung vom Aushärteverlauf wurde in einem Gerät realisiert. Die Probentemperatur für exotherme Versuche ergibt eine wichtige zusätzliche Information.



New developments

Can you not find a appropriate measurement systems?

Come with your task to us.

We check can a realization.

New series

In May 2014, we present the new device series of the Classic Geltimer. 
In the development of high value was placed on durability and ease of operation. 
The long-term proven Geltimer were not changed with respect to the mechanics. 
Electrical safety and the calibration capability were adapted to the state of the art. 
The interface will be mainly via USB.


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