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ISO 9001

CustomerDE ISO 9001 ATTESTA 100
The core of our quality management is the fulfillment of customer requirements in our business area. Our sustainable success will only be achieved if the needs and satisfaction of our customers are thoroughly understood and taken into account in the service delivery process. All our products are easy to use, with proven safety and long lasting.

An elementary part of our company is the use of competent, authorized and committed employees. The recognition, empowerment and promotion of competences facilitates the involvement of our employees in achieving our quality goals.

If different activities are understood as coherent processes and thus as part of a system, this facilitates or facilitates an optimization of the performance of the management system.

The improvements we make are substantial, the continuous improvement process is an integral part of ISO 9001 and our quality management. We continue to evolve, maintaining performance and competitiveness, responding to dynamic internal and external developments and identifying new opportunities.

The relationship management with us has the benefit of all interested parties (for example, customers, suppliers, your own company) to the goal. Targeted control of all relationships increases the likelihood of lasting success.

Our ISO 9001 certificate

Responsible: Mario Baumann

ISO 14001

Our main goalsDE ISO 14001 ATTESTA 100

  • Environmental Policy
  • planning
  • Realization and implementation
  • Corrective and corrective actions
  • Assessment by the management

ISO 14001 environmental management is compatible with other recognized management system standards, such as ISO 9001. It is therefore ideal for integration into existing management systems and processes.

  • Gel Instrumente AG identifies environmental impacts and aspects and introduces process improvement measures in key areas.
  • Implementing ISO 14001 with us is the best way to proactively manage the environmental impact of operations.
  • We live the environmental management system and strive for more than just compliance with the norm.
  • Our focus is continuous improvement.


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